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Creating house designs from the inside is a creative art that requires multiple foundations and rules that we know very well at Short Cut. And we are working to use it to formulate your ideas on the ground to fill the void that exists with the utmost splendor and beauty. All you have to do is communicate with us and leave the task of working to impress you to us. At Shortcut Interior Design and Decoration, we seek to give you a sense of comfort and belonging to the place every time you enter your home. Where our company is primarily interested in developing a design that is fully consistent with you, based on your vision and your own taste, so that you can enjoy peace of mind, and this is done according to an organized plan whose primary goal is to satisfy you, which is


It is the first step that the company follows, in which a discussion takes place with the client and his vision is known, and the consultants start presenting their proposals, in order to finally reach the best possible idea that suits the client’s taste and reflects his personality in the place.


The next step of the analysis is to develop an imaginary perception of the place based on the previous data. Place planning ensures that an interior designer adheres to the room's purpose, functional requirements, and layout.


The third step, which is the actual start of work, the designers begin to draw up their plans, design the interior structure of the house, and present it to the client, so that he can see the interior design of his house before touching it on the ground.


After approving the form of the conceptual design of the place, the company begins the fourth step, and transfers the plans and designs from paper to touch the ground with great professionalism and creativity.


And finally, after the company finishes its work, it makes sure that the customer is completely satisfied with its services, and we have obtained another piece of art from the output of our work to join those pieces shown below.

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